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Vincenzo Macchiarola

I have been living in Rome for 17 years. I speak English, German, Spanish, French and of course Italian. My main interests are in history, the fine arts and anthropology. I am also a Renaissance theatre expert and theatre practitioner. During the first 10 years of my Tour Leader activity, I have been travelling all over Europe leading educational tours but I chose to live in Rome since it is my favourite place in the world. I love the city centre squares and the historical sites like the Colosseum, the Capitol and the incredible museums around there. I enjoy doing walking tours because they offer a great opportunity to see every day life in Rome.

My tours are based on the storytelling techniques I have been practicing for years as an actor and drama teacher. I share facts and anecdotes with people on tour by adding songs and sound effects. Let me take you on a journey through time and space and you will hear “ the story of the history”.

My experiences in Theatre and Travel: From 1996 to 2000 I have been working in some theatres in the UK. From 2000 to 2008, I have been travelling all over Europe, Argentina and North America. as a tour leader of educational tours for students (age 14 to 21). 

I like sharing knowledge and ideas with people. I listen to them and learn something new every day.

Languages Spoken: Italian (native speaker) | German (fluent) | English (fluent) | Spanish (fluent) | French (fluent)

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Q: What’s the difference between a ‘group’ and a ‘private’ tour?

A group tour is one where you join a group of other travelers and a single guide – our groups are usually around 12 people, although they can be a little larger, particularly on day trips. A private tour, is when you pay to have your own personal tour guide just for your family.

Q: It’s raining, is my tour still running?

Yes! Our tours run rain or shine.

Q: What should I bring on my tour?

We ask that all customers bring photo ID with their date of birth listed plus your confirmation email. For all tours involving walking, we would recommend that you wear comfortable shoes. If you’re visiting in warm weather (May – Sep) we recommend that you bring sunscreen, a bottle of water (which you can refill along the way on most tours) and a hat. This applies particularly if you are touring the Colosseum where there is very little shade. During the cooler months we would recommend that you bring a coat and possibly a rain jacket and/or umbrella.

Q: Do you accept the RomaPass ?


Q: Can I take your tours if I have walking difficulties or require a wheelchair?

In most cases we can serve wheelchair users on our private tours, to allow the guide to adapt the route to their particular requirements. Please do get in touch with us before you book, however, and be aware that guests are responsible for propelling their own chairs – guides will be unable to do this.

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